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Gay slave humiliated in a toilet by two Brutal Tops

gay slave humiliated toilet

Pathetic faggot caught in a public toilet by two perverted masters

All new snarling Master Will follows his mate and fellow psychotic Master Derek to destroy pathetic sub elliott.

The two Masters have been drinking beer and discover the squirming, embarrassed sub completely naked in a toilet, cowering next to some urinals. The vicious tops treat elliott like the worthless shit he is by thrashing him with a belt and pissing into his mouth. The worm has to do exactly as he’s ordered and swallows the stinking urine, much to the delight of the perverted tops.

Watch this gay slave in chains and forced to receive the masters’ piss in his mouth.

brutal tops pissing in gay slave mouth

Gay slave spanked with a belt and pounded with a beer bottle

Shackled and pushed down to the ground like a hound, the sub has a beer bottle pushed up his loose arsehole by the laughing new top before the screaming straight boys take it in turns to ram their cocks deep into the faggot’s mouth. He reams from having such huge members pushed so deeply into his feeble gob!

gay slave humiliation by two brutal masters

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