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Extreme gay humiliation: forced to lick master’s dirty arse

brutal tops gay sub forced lick dirty ass

Master Will orders the horny faggot to clean his ass

Hi dirty fuckers, let’s the weekend start with a filthy update from BrutalTops: I’m really happy to see that Master Will is back again to show all his masculinity…and his huge uncut cock. I posted about this straight master humiliating a gay slave a few days ago, but this episode is absolutely hard!

At BrutalTops, horny young Master Will finds pathetic sub elliott alone and naked on the floor of the filthy toilet room. The top needs to have a shit and sits on the bowl with the door open so that the faggotty sub must watch him. After shitting, the Master can’t be bothered to wipe clean his arse so orders the worm over and tells him to lick clean the Master’s arse. This humiliating rimming session excites the Master who is then joined by equally vicious Master Derek.

gay humiliation sub licks dirty arse hole

Derek orders the sub to lick his own arse before he must suck both Masters’ dicks. They soon get hard from these deep blowjobs and then the gay slave is ordered to lick clean their stinking armpits. Finally, the sub has to lie on his back as Will sits on his face before pumping his long, fat cock deep into his worthless mouth!

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